Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Shouting Loudly Makes Your Own Brain 'deaf'

You may be speaking loudly but your brain remains quiet. A study has revealed that the part of the brain which is identified as command centre for human speech does not function when we speak loudly.

The Broca's area of brain has been recognized for more than 150 years as the command centre for human speech. But the scientists at the University of California Berkeley and Johns Hopkins University in Maryland are challenging this long-held assumption. Their study has come with new evidence that Broca's area actually switches off when we talk out loud.

"Broca's area shuts down during the actual delivery of speech, but it may remain active during conversation as part of planning future words and full sentences," said study lead author Adeen Flinker. 

According to Flinker, "This finding helps us move towards a view that Broca's area is not a centre for speech production but rather a critical area for integrating and coordinating information across other brain regions.”

The discovery can be of great help in diagnoses and treatments of stroke, epilepsy, and brain injuries that result in language impairments in suffering patients.

The study was reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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