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Tips to Avoid Swimming Tan & Ways to Protect Your Body While Swimming

Indeed, swimming is a lovely sport and a healthy exercise. It gives you fun, strengthens your muscle, add flexibility to your body, and help you lose extra flab. However, every benefit has a darker side. And swimming can make your skin dark, tanned. Apart from that, it can damage your hair, cause ear infection.

Chemical used in swimming pool can make skin tanned. It can vacate natural oils from the skin, resulting in dry and flaking skin. The chemicals can trouble your eyes and may cause fungal and bacterial infection.

However, a little care can help you enjoy swimming. You can protect your skin from the tan with little effort.

Before swimming skin care tips

  • Shower prior swimming: You should take a shower prior swimming to remove chemical residue of the product you have used on the skin.
  • Apply water-resistant sun screen before jumping in the pool: Never forget to wear high SPF water resistant sun screen before you enter a pool. A water-resistant sun screen can shield your skin against UV rays up to 40 minutes in the water.  
  • Prefer to go underwater in indoor pool: Chlorine and sun, when combines can be very harmful for your skin. It is almost next to impossible to get chlorine free pool but you can easily find indoor pool. There is very little chance that your skin will get tanned in indoor pool.
  • Stay hydrated: Make sure to drink ample water a little before you plan swimming.

After swimming skin care tips

  • Shower after swimming: Take a shower with warm water and gentle soap after swimming. It will rinse the chlorine away from the skin and hair. Reduced chlorine contact will avoid skin dryness and darkening.
  • Moisturize: Prolonged swimming in chlorinated water can take away the natural moisture from the skin. Apply a good skin lightening moisture all over your damped body.

Go extra mile to protect your body and enjoy swimming

  • Swim in clean pool: Make sure that pool is being cleaned on regular basis. Stagnant water in the pool gives rise to make water borne diseases. The bacteria and fungus in the filthy pool will harm your skin.

  • Don comfortable swim dress. The fabric of the swimsuit should be stretchable and should dry quickly to keep you comfortable.

  • Wear recommended accessories:

  1. Wear shower cap to protect your hair from the harms of chlorinated water.
  2. Wear swimming glasses to keep your eye protected from the chemically treated water.
  3. Insert ear plug: Ear infection is very common side effect of swimming. Ear plugs avoid letting the water into your ears. This will protect your ears from all the possible fungal infections.
  4. Wear water shoes: You may harm your foot by bumping in the sides or hitting broken tiles in the pool. So, it is advisable to wear water shoes while swimming. Generally, base of the pool is slippery. Water shoes help you make balance while standing in the pool.
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Monday, 6 July 2015

How to Avoid Tan This Summer

Wear SPF: Don’t step out of your home without sunscreen. In India, we don’t need higher SPF. However, anything less than 30 SPF is not acceptable, if you want to keep the tan at bay. You should wear SPF shield on the whole body, be it your hands, fee, face or neck. You can easily get sunscreen lotion/cream/gel for body and face.

Use umbrella: Whenever you go out, use an umbrella to keep your body in shade. It will not only protect your skin but add to your style.

Use scarf, covers-ups: If you can’t use umbrella, use scarf or cover-ups to avoid direct contact of sun rays.

Use sunglasses: The skins around the eyes are very sensitive and tend to get tanned quickly. To protect those tender skins, you should make a practice of using sunglasses when stepping out.

Wear SPF on lips: A number of lip balms and lip sticks are available with SPF. You should rely on those SPF versions of lip products in the summer months to avoid lip darkening.
Use anti-tan face wash in summer: You should switch to anti-tan face wash in summer months when sun is cruel to your skin.

Exfoliate: Scrub is very important in summer days. The exfoliation process removes the deposits from the skin and avoids tan. You can find many anti-tan scrubs in the market formulated especially for summer months. However, usual scrub or home made exfoliation mixture would also serve the purpose.

Avoid sun: The best way to avoid tan is to avoid sun.

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How to Get Rid of Suntan

Curd curbs tan: Apply curd on tanned skin and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with normal water. Follow it religiously to get rid of even the stubborn tan completely. You will start noticing the difference in a week time.

Buttermilk is better for tanned skin: Mix three parts of buttermilk and one part of oatmeal, mix them well and apply on tanned surface. Keep it for 10 minutes and then massage in circular motion for 4 to 5 minutes. Afterward, wash off with plain water. This remedy is very good for skin as it not only fades away tan but also it makes skin texture younger.

Cabbage is miracle for tanned skin: Cabbage leaves act as a miracle therapy when it comes to tanned skin. Apply few cold cabbage leaves on the affected areas and let them rest on affected skin for 15 minutes. You can also make paste of the leaves, store them in refrigerator for some time and apply on skin. You should repeat it twice a week for immediate effect.

Rose water + Cucumber juice + Lemon Juice: Lemon juice helps reduce the tan, while rose water and cucumber work as cooling agents. Take one part of rose water and cucumber juice & half part of lemon juice for preparation of mixture. Apply this mixture once a day and follow religiously to see the result. You can add few drops of honey to the mixture for better result.

Apply Vicks: Apply little amount of Vicks on the sunburn areas and massage gently. People with excessive and stubborn sunburn should use twice a week for quick result and others can use once a week to fade away the tan.

Ice is boon for your skin: If you have excess sun burns, apply ice on the affected area to get relief. Don’t apply ice cubes directly on to the skin, it may hurt you. You should wrap the cubes in a muslin cloth (you can use wet tissue cloth, I use itJ) and apply gently to the tanned skin.

Lentil paste (masoor daal paste): Soap a tablespoon of lentils overnight. Make a rough paste of it, add equal amount of tomato paste and aloe vera gel to the paste. Apply on the affected skin and let it stay for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash it off with cold water with gentle massage in the process.

Bottle gourd juice (lauki juice): If you feel, you tan is in worst stage, go with bottle gourd treatment. Apply the juice of bottle gourd on the tanned skin 4 times a day to see the difference.

Apply cold milk: Take a spoon of milk and apply it on the affected area with cotton. Follow it religiously. You can also add lemon juice and rose water to it. 

How to Avoid Tan This Summer