Monday, 16 February 2015

How to Apply Eye Liner

Two types of liquid eye liners are available in market: felt tip (pen liner/ bottled liner) and dip brush (bristle brush)

I am learning with dip brush eyeliner.

1.    Get in the right position so that you can have steady hand while applying liner. You can rest your elbow on a table to avoid wavy or uneven line.
2.    Try to hold a small mirror in other hand. It will help you get a good view of eyelid while application.
3.    Draw dots or dashes on the lid as close as possible to the eye lashed. Don’t try to make one fine line in initial day else you will end up with wavy or uneven application.
4.    Try connecting the dots/dashes smoothly.
6.    Create a small tail at the outer edge to give great shape. You 
     can style the tail in a way you want.

7.    Don’t get panic if you have created mess on your lids. Just keep ear buds handy. It will help you clear out the mess.

5.    Keep the eye closed while applying liner. Get the view with the other eye. 
8.    Don't dream to learn in a day or two. Keep trying 7-10 days continuously to learn the basics. 

9.    After you learn the basics you can move on to advanced stage of styling. 

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