Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Remedy for Dry and Cracked Skin around Nails

Hands are the most used body part of a human being. Our hands deal with many irritating substance and situation. So, we should take extra care of our hands in order to make them presentable and healthy. Dry skin around fingernails is very common. It can be both unaesthetic and painful. Here, we will go through the tips to fix that dry and cracked skin around nails.

  • Soak your hands in lukewarm water every night if skin around nails is excessively dry and cracked.  Give overnight treatment with heavy moisturizing oil/cream or petroleum jelly to the skin around nails. You can put a pair of cotton gloves on your hands.
  • Apply moisturizer/hand lotion to your hands with concentration on skin around nails after every hand wash. Massage the lotion into your cuticles and nails as well.
  • Massage yogurt/curd over hands with special attention to dry and cracked areas near fingernails. Let the yogurt/curd sit on hands for 10- 15 mins. Rinse off with lukewarm water and apply lotion. You can do this treatment once or twice in a week.  
  • Massage cuticles with olive oil or coconut oil twice in a week to avoid peeling of skin around nails.
  • You should wear dish gloves while cleaning utensils or doing similar tasks that involves detergent. Harmful chemical in detergent irritates hands’ skin.
  • Don’t bite skin around your nails. If skin is peeling, use a nail clipper to trim the skin out. 

Why Hand Care is Important for Your Overall Beauty?

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