Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Health Risks of Consuming Excessive Beetroot

It is well known that beetroots are full of health nutrients such as essential vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, and protein. But excessive consumption of the same can have some side effects that definitely vary person to person.

Can lead to kidney stone:
Beets are high in oxalates which can form small crystals and lead to the development of kidney stones. So, eat beets in moderation, if you are prone to kidney stone.

Can contribute to gout:
Oxalates in beets can cause gout - a type of arthritis - because it increases the level of uric acid in the body.

A lot of beet consumption can result in pink or red urine and stool. It is caused by the betalain pigment secretion. It might not cause any serious health problems, though.  

Tightness in vocal cords:
Some people feel tightness in throat or trouble in speaking. Drinking undiluted beetroot juice might (might not, in some cases) lead to this problem. Drinking beet juice with apple juice or other fresh vegetable juices in cocktail keeps the problem at bay.

Fever, chill, and rashes:
Some people experience fever, chills, and rashes after consuming beet juice. Detoxification and cleansing creates temporary symptoms such as a low fever or chills. Rashes may be reported as a result of allergy. Though, it is very uncommon.


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