Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Lip Care Regime for Pink and Soft Lips Naturally

Lips define your face and expressions; they give your face the ultimate appeal.  So, you should take care of your lips on a daily basis. Without care, they can become dull, dark, and crack; while a proper lip care regime can give your lips a natural pink hue.  Here are few tips on lip care:

Scrub your lips using a soft toothbrush every morning. This will remove the dry and charred skin from the lips and will keep them soft.

Massage your lips every night with almond oil and lemon juice this will lighten the dark color of your lips. Honey and lemon juice is also helpful in lightening lips.  

Apply glycerin and lemon juice in equal quantity on lips.  This keeps your lips soft and moisturized.

It is very important to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized. Dry and chapped lips look dark and unhealthy. You can use a good lip balm to keep them moisturized. You can go for fresh milk cream to nourish them when you are at home. Select a lip balm with SPF if you stay outdoors for longer duration.

Never lick your lips. Some people have this tendency of licking their lips when they feel their lips are dry. Instead of giving any relief this worsen the condition of lips, leaving them more dry and dull. 

Sugar scrub is very useful in making lips soft and pink. Take a half spoon of olive oil, little sugar, and honey. Mix them well and rub lightly on your lips. You can leave the mixture for 10 minutes, and can follow this procedure once in a week.

Slice a lemon in two halves. Apply on lips in a circular motion for 5-7 minutes. This helps in reducing the pigmentation on lips. Apply a lip balm after washing your lips. This routine can be followed twice in a week.

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