Monday, 19 January 2015

Health Benefits of Cucumber

Made up of 95% water, cucumber is low in calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium; it's secret to slim and healthy body. With only modest nutritional benefits, cucumbers are great for overall heath. 

Why cucumber is important for our body:

Keeps hydrated: Made up of 95% water, cucumber is full of important electrolytes; it is a perfect food to prevent dehydration. 

Flushes out toxins & dissolve kidney stones: Water in cucumber sweeps waste products out of the body. Cucumber is known to dissolve kidney stones when taken regularly.

Fulfill vitamin needs: Cucumber contains vitamin A, B, and C. Thus cucumber boosts immunity, gives energy, and keeps us radiant.

Supplies skin-friendly minerals: Magnesium, potassium, and silicon are skin friendly minerals; they provide radiant skin when taken in required amount. 

Weight management: Since it is high in water content and low in fats and calories, cucumber keeps your weight in check.

Reduces cholesterol: Sterols, a compound found in cucumber, helps in reducing bad cholesterol from the body. 

Good for eyes: Vitamin A is required for the proper development and functioning of our eyes, skin, and immune system. Placing chilled cucumber slices on the eyes help in reducing under-eye bags and puffiness.

Good for bones: Rich in vitamin K, cucumber is helpful in building strong bones and preventing heart disease.

Cut down the risk of cancer: It also contains lignans, which may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and several types of cancer.

Helps in digestion: Fiber content in cucumber is great for digestion.

Good for hair and nails: Silica, the wonder mineral in cucumber is good for hair and nails. It makes them stronger and shinier.

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