Monday, 12 January 2015

Homemade Hair Masks

Hair Mask 1: Egg and lemon
Beat egg and add a lemon juice. Apply on hair.

Hair Mask 2: Egg, milk, lemon, olive oil
Beat the whole egg or the part (yolk or white) that is suitable for your hair type. Egg yolk is preferred option. Add a cup of milk. Squeeze a lemon to the mixture. Add 1 spoon olive oil. Whisk the mixture well to get harmonious texture and apply on hair.

Hair Mask 3: Milk and Honey  
Mix a spoon of honey in a glass of milk. Massage the mixture on your hair from root to tip. 

Hair Mask 4: Banana and almond oil
Mash one banana and add 1 teaspoon of almond oil. Mix well and apply into your hair. You can use coconut oil, olive oil or honey in place of almond oil.

Hair Mask 5: Avocado, milk, olive oil
Take a small mashed ripe avocado. Add a cup of milk and 1 spoon olive oil. Mix them well and apply.

Hair Mask 6: Olive oil and lemon
Take 4 spoon of olive oil and squeeze 1 lemon. Mix them and apply on your hair. It is suitable for itchy scalp. It is also reliable to get rid of dandruff.

Hair Mask 7: Egg and Oil
Mix two beaten eggs with 6 tbsp of oil. Beat the mixture to get a uniform texture. Your mask is ready. You can apply on your hair and scalp.

Here are options of oil that can be used with egg yolk to prepare nourishing hair mask:
Egg yolks/Egg whites/Whole egg and Olive oil
Egg yolks/Egg whites/Whole egg and Almond oil
Egg yolks/Egg whites/Whole egg and Castor oil
Egg yolks/Egg whites/Whole egg and Linseed oil
Egg yolks/Egg whites/Whole egg and Lavender oil

The egg yolk is rich in fats and proteins. It is a natural moisturizer. Egg white contains bacteria-eating enzymes and removes unwanted oils from hair. Egg whites contains the bulk of egg’s protein.

  • Whole egg and yolks-only treatments can be applied once a month.
  • Whites-only treatment can be applied twice in a month.

Use egg white if you have oily hair and egg yolks if you have dry hair.

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