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Disadvantages of Junk Food

We are what we eat.

Usually high in sugar, fat, and calories but with very few nutrients, junk food causes an array of problems in your body. Definitely, these foods are tasty, affordable, and reachable, and are also referred as ‘fast foods’ can be a good way to save time as they are fast and easy to cook, but they are not going to benefit your body rather they will make you sick.  

Common junk foods are: aerated drinks, fried foods, burger, French fries, pizza, micro waved and fried snacks, packaged chips, candies, chocolates, cheese, and packaged ice creams. These are not natural foods. Made with refined products, processed foods, salt and preservatives, these food products are laden with chemical and are created in factory weeks ago (sometimes months ago) from the time when we eat. It is not the proper way of nutrition for your body.  

Let us know the disadvantages of junk diet on our health:
High in calories and sugar, junk food contributes in increasing body weight. Even small amount of such food has potential to increase calorie intake considerably. And it is quite clear that obesity is root cause of all diseases. Therefore, cut junk foods from your lifestyle and stay a healthy and happy life.

Gastrointestinal problems:
Too much consumption of junk food can cause gastrointestinal problems. Processed junk foods have very little dietary fiber, which hampers the digestive process. Fiber is essential for in the diet to keep your bowels moving. Inadequate amounts of fiber can result into constipation and gastric.
Type 2 diabetes: 
The main reason for outbreak of type 2 diabetes is poor lifestyle, such as being overweight and not being physically active, which is quite natural if you consume too much of fast food. High calorie, fat, and sugar of junk food will surely induce type 2 diabetes in you over the time.

Heart disease:
The risk of heart disease is high among people who are more dependent on junk foods.  High level of saturated or trans fats found in junk food create a higher risk of heart disease. These fats clog the arteries and contribute to high cholesterol levels.

Tooth decay:
Foods such as soda, candy and baked goods are high in sugar content and coats gums, tongue, and teeth with sugar. The sugar coating attacks enamel and leads to tooth decay and cavities. Tooth decay occurs when enamel, the protective coating on your teeth, starts to break down. Therefore, avoid too much of these sugary food items. If you cannot resist, go for sugar free products. It is advisable that one should always brush teeth or rinse mouth after each meal or snack.

Lack of essential nutrients:
Nutrients are very necessary for proper development of human body. Junk foods have very less nutrients. So, these foods do not fulfill the needs of body and causes disorder. The toxin and waste levels in body keep increasing as junk food does not provide our bodies with the required nutrients and the excretory system cannot function properly. This causes toxins and fats accumulate in the body, which makes you feel sluggish and tired and more vulnerable to diseases and infections.

Liver damage:
Liver damage is a significant risk associated with consuming junk food. Junk foods are filled with trans-fat, an artificial fat that is used as a stabilizer so that premade foods can stay for long periods of time before they are consumed. These fats build up in the liver and cause damage which is somewhat similar to the damage caused by regular alcohol consumption.

Damages beauty:
High in fat, these foods can result in pimple, acne, and other skin problems.

High blood pressure:
Human body requires a considerable amount of sodium for proper functioning, the excessive of which is normally flushed out by the kidneys. However excessive sodium intakes through junk foods are unable to get eliminated by the kidney and it leads to sodium accumulation in the blood attracting fluid. This conditions increase the blood volume exerts undue pressure on the heart as a consequence of which there is an occurrence of water retention, elevated blood pressure levels, renal, and heart diseases.

Junk foods with high sodium content increase blood pressure levels, thereby increasing stroke risk. Stroke occurs with a blockage in the artery carrying blood to the brain due to insufficient oxygen supply, cause permanent brain damage.

Junk foods with low dietary fiber and lack of nutritive value contribute towards breast and colorectal cancers.

Calcium deficiency in women and children:
Carbonated soda and beverages drain calcium levels from the body and causes calcium deficiencies especially in premenopausal women and children.

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Processed junk food containing artificial sweeteners and other additives such as MSG, nitrites and nitrates produce persistent headaches.  

Infertility in men:
According to study, French fries and unhealthy potato chips containing acryl amide content reduce sperm count leading to infertility in men.  

In nutshell, junk foods can do no good to your body. It may soothe your tongue but not your body. Such foods will make you body bulky but hollow. They will even drain out the nutrients from the body. Don’t rely on these foods. They can be consumed once in a blue moon. It is wise to stay away from such foods. Don’t make your body a paid recycle bin for the industries indulge in producing such foods. Feed your body organic food, and not processed food. A healthy body makes for a healthy brain. 

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