Monday, 6 July 2015

How to Avoid Tan This Summer

Wear SPF: Don’t step out of your home without sunscreen. In India, we don’t need higher SPF. However, anything less than 30 SPF is not acceptable, if you want to keep the tan at bay. You should wear SPF shield on the whole body, be it your hands, fee, face or neck. You can easily get sunscreen lotion/cream/gel for body and face.

Use umbrella: Whenever you go out, use an umbrella to keep your body in shade. It will not only protect your skin but add to your style.

Use scarf, covers-ups: If you can’t use umbrella, use scarf or cover-ups to avoid direct contact of sun rays.

Use sunglasses: The skins around the eyes are very sensitive and tend to get tanned quickly. To protect those tender skins, you should make a practice of using sunglasses when stepping out.

Wear SPF on lips: A number of lip balms and lip sticks are available with SPF. You should rely on those SPF versions of lip products in the summer months to avoid lip darkening.
Use anti-tan face wash in summer: You should switch to anti-tan face wash in summer months when sun is cruel to your skin.

Exfoliate: Scrub is very important in summer days. The exfoliation process removes the deposits from the skin and avoids tan. You can find many anti-tan scrubs in the market formulated especially for summer months. However, usual scrub or home made exfoliation mixture would also serve the purpose.

Avoid sun: The best way to avoid tan is to avoid sun.

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